Superlivesex (Netflix)

SuperlivesexLoosely based on the life of porn star Rocco Siffredi, better known as the Italian Stallion, Superlivesex is less a biopic than a cautionary tale about toxic bonds and obsession. Francesca Manieri explores family dynamics and masculinity with a seven-part Netflix series.

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The Story

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Superlivesex is largely fictional, but showrunner Francesca Manieri as well as star Rocco siffredi can draw on real-life experiences. Siffredi grew up in the coastal town of Ortona, Italy’s impoverished Abruzzo region. He read porn magazines at 12 and dreamed like the character of the show to become a porn star. He made his debut in 2004 at a Paris industry convention, banging an aspiring performer on stage just like he does at the beginning of the series.

The Cast

Supersex has a stellar cast. Alessandro Borghi plays the main character, Rocco siffredi. Borghi is known for his roles in films such as Evil Angel and La ragazza del regno. He portrays Rocco, a man with a lot talent who also struggles to find a good balance between his career and his family.

Saul Nanni portrays Rocco as a younger version, giving viewers a glimpse into the character’s growth. He also adds depth to the show by demonstrating Rocco’s struggle between his hardened outer and his desire for warmth within his personal life.

Adrian Giannini also joins the cast as Tommasco, Rocco’s half-brother. His addition to the cast helps to further explore the complex relationships Rocco has with his family members and provides further context for his choices in his career.

Jasmine Trinca also appears in the show as Lucia, a character that symbolises the various problems and difficulties that the protagonist has faced in his career. Trinca has been an award-winning actress in films like The Goddess of Fortune and Il treno dei bambini. Gaia Messerklinger is also a female sexworker, adding a new perspective to the industry.