Sexy Siri Stripchat

Sexy Siri Stripchat

Sexy Siri StripchatStripchat is an online sex community for people 18+ with an open mind. It offers a wide range of streams featuring amateur and professional models presenting live sex. In addition, users can interact with performers using interactive toys, send tokens and go for Private shows.

Siri’s deadpan response to the age-old “talk dirty to me” request is legendary, but that hasn’t stopped dudes from trying to get her fuck on.

Interactive Toys

It’s no secret that tech-enabled products are becoming more popular in the pleasure product industry. From bridging the gap between long-distance lovers to giving consumers a customized sexual experience, these gadgets are adored by many for their added functionality and user-friendly interface. While app-compatible toys can be a great experience for some, they also have some downsides that you should consider.

The Siri is a discreet little vibe with a cute, egg-like shape that feels natural in the hand and against the clit. It comes in two colors, pink and purple and is covered with silky silicone that feels smooth against the skin.

There are four buttons on the white plastic part of the toy: two arrows pointing up and down and a plus sign and minus sign. The plus sign is used to turn the toy on, and the minus sign is used to increase the intensity of the vibration. The up and downward arrows cycle between different vibration patterns, ranging from a very weak clit vibe to a strong cellphone vibration.

The toy can also be recharged and comes with an easy-to-use charging cable. Sterilize it with a wet washcloth and soap or toy wipes. It is not waterproof and cannot be submerged. Avoid getting water into the button holes or charging port when cleaning. It is also “lockable”, which means that if you hold down the plus and minus symbols for several seconds, then it will not turn on by accident.