Live Sambhog

Live Sambhog – Voice and Live Chat Support

1. Live Chat Support

Live SambhogLive chat support provides customers with real-time assistance and helps keep them engaged on your website. It’s one of the fastest methods to answer their questions.

When offering live chat support, it is important to communicate clearly your availability. Let your customers plan their day by letting them know if and how long you will be available.

If you are limited in resources, you may want to start with a small number of segments and then expand your availability as soon as you gain confidence. Ensure that your reps have the knowledge and tools they need to answer all inquiries efficiently.

Avoid stock answers and choose a conversational tone when answering questions. Address customers by name and provide a tailored, personalized experience. Use chat etiquette tips to guide your team’s conversations and ensure that all interactions are high-quality. You can also direct customers to relevant product or knowledge-base articles for further information.

3. Voice Chat Support

Voice support offers customers a more personal connection and the ability to explain complex issues. It also allows for tone, inflection and simple conversational touches that can make a big difference when trying to create a more personal connection with your customers. Voice support can be a great solution for businesses that receive high call volumes of more complex questions, or for those looking to boost their customer service.

Chat support, on the other hand, is a text-based interaction that allows agents to communicate with customers through written messages in real time. Chat also allows for asynchronous communication. Customers can respond to chat agents whenever they want. Chat software can also provide agents with visual tools like product guides and graphs to assist them in solving problems.

Some live chat tools also allow agents to remotely control a customers’ computer to assist them in solving complex issues. This proactive chat support can give your business an edge over its competitors and improve engagement and conversions.